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is that the sun never seems to set. At least in the summer anyway. It's always perpetually setting. It gets dark for about 3 hours but the sun never leaves. It's always there for you. When it rises at 3 am it's as if to say "I wasn't really leaving you, I just had to run out for a moment."

The amount of daylight also helps with getting little sleep. I'm surprised that I'm not seeing solar panels everywhere. You'd think that with so much daylight they'd throw a couple up here and there.

I've also been clean for a little while now. Haven't gamed in at least a month. Been getting into healthier activities like smoking pot and drinking. I think I've really made improvements socially.
420 04-20-08 23:26
Another four twenty has come and passed and no one has tried for another high score as far as I can tell.

Most people think of smoking chronic. For me the day holds a different significance.
It was Hitler's birthday. One of the Biggest Mass Murderers of all time. It's the anniversary of columbine. Several school shootings occurred during the week of four twenty. A few were associated with video games.

That's where I start celebrating. I look at the confused media, the mis perceptions and the weak connections and I realize that the world I live in does not understand. It's all about the high score. For some deeply disturbed individuals what some know as RL (real life) and the 'net (metaverse, web, matrix, ect. ) are blurred into one. It's my opinion that mental conditions can be affected by technology and videogames, but the same is true for all forms of stimuli. I going to go with the argument that things can for the most part be prevented with early warning signs and treatment. Blah blah blah. Save for the one anomaly.

They haven't noticed me yet! BRB going for the high score!
You are good doctor! 04-20-08 23:16
What does one do when one should be doing work? BLOG! Modern procrastination at it's most mundane.

As you should know by now, I am elite. I've got the skillz to pay the billz. I found your mom's backdoor, and exploited it. Shit was so cache. I find that the best way to display my superiority is the use of twitch reflexes on keyboard and mouse.
My game current game of choice is a little sumthin called Team Fortress 2. This is my story.

The hours can add up fast. That didn't bother me, until I found out why the game was telling me about the hours. It's been really awesome lately, the way steam has been paying attention to their latest cash flow. They just came out with a new promo vid. Good to see they finally got some people from the animation industry displaying their talents. They've been tweaking little things like ammo amounts for certain classes, but they've been working on something more drastic. Based on the aggregate data from everyone who has played their game, they'll be tweaking the balance and mechanics of the game. Okay. Fine. They'll also be adding new weapons. Neat-o. Weapon's that have to be unlocked through achievements. Okay- wait...

WTF. This will greatly affect the way the game is played. It will change from a fairly solid FPS to a WoW-esque leveling fag fest. GAH. Medic will be the first class to get the treatment. All this means is that I will be blowing more hours in their game... investing in a new mouse for accuracy and a new graphics card to get rid of video lag. I wish I knew how to quit you valve....
I am a wardriver! I'm gonna take my actions to the streets. I got my lappy and I got a gallon or two of gas in the car. I'm still working on my cantenna. For optimal signal strength you have to hook an aluminum can up to yo' 'puter. I'm starting with a can of beans. I don't really like beans but if I didnt eat them it would be a waste of resources. Can't be wasting resources, need them for multithreading. Anyway, off to hack some WIFI. I'm going to start at KF/tacobell and work my way over to the financial district. Bitches don't know about my skillz when i be macking on a quesidilla.
Backdoor Gibson 03-13-08 01:18
I'm always thinking of ways to step up my game (online). What can I be doing to be a harder digital gangster?
So here's a few things I've been doing to keep things fr3sh:
-been customizing all visual aspects of all my OS's
-been finding online alternatives for most of the programs I use
-been reading up on webstuff... I are webmaster
-nuevo huevo
hack the planet!

I pwn n00bs 03-13-08 00:40
Hey everyone. This site is now my outlet for my virtual conquests. I've been getting super good at TF2 lately. Been tweaking video settings till i can scrape enough together for a graphics card. TF2 creates a lot of funny situations with its different classes. I was just playing on a server where it loaded a new map and it was just me and this other guy. We decided we were both elite enough to just use bats as scouts. Then other people joined and started fucking up the rotation by building sentries and using classes other than scouts. I pwnd them. Eventually it led to everyone being medics and daisy chain healing each other and using bone saws. Fun stuff. Hope everyone else is finding 'sploits and rolling code. Nerd life!
Hello, 03-13-08 00:34
Hello my name is 1337h4x. I'm new to elowel.